Front Rush for Coaches is an application built on usability and a little fun.
Our main focus is to provide software that coaches like to use. We aim to
save you some time and help with recruiting along the way.

You can...

Access Front Rush with Our Native Mobile Apps

access-mobile-device1 access-mobile-device2
access-mobile-device2 access-mobile-device2
  • Use Front Rush on multiple devices with our
    native iPhone and Android apps
  • Quickly access all of your recruits
  • Record notes using built-in microphone
  • Auto-store calls made from your phone
  • Send bulk or one-to-one emails
  • No extra per phone call fees
Android App on Google Play
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Recruit from Gmail Using Our Google Chrome Plugin

Now you can view your recruits, roster, alumni and contacts right from your Gmail account.
This plugin allows you to save emails to Front Rush, add new athletes and even track open
emails without ever having to leave the screen that you are working on.

gmail-icon Recruit from GMail Using our Google Chrome Plugin

Keep Tabs on All of Your Interactions

Keep Tabs on All your Interactions
  • Track all phone calls, emails, campus visits, evaluations and postal mail
  • Seamlessly share all interactions with other staff members so that everyone can be on the same page
  • Create a note after a call, eval, or visit
  • Report all notes added for compliance purposes

Brand Your Emails with Custom Built Templates

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  • Work with our in-house design team to create custom email templates and banners
  • Use action shots of your team, images of your school, and logos to stick out from the competition
  • Include links to your site and know when recruits are clicking on them
  • Send Front Rush templates from your Gmail account
  • Use our extenisve library of free themed templates for holidays and birthdays

Send Individual and Bulk Emails

Brand Your Emails with Custom Built Templates envelop envelop envelop envelop envelop envelop
  • Track who is opening your emails, when they are opening them and what links they are clicking on
  • Personalize emails by inserting merge fields
  • Automatically add emails sent from your recruits to your Front Rush with email integration
  • ReturnPath, an independent monitoring service gives Front Rush a 100 Sender Score with a consistent 98.5% or greater delivery rate (highest in recruiting software)

Instantly Communicate with Players, Staff and Recruits

Instantly Communicate with Players, Staff, Recruits Instantly Communicate with Players, Staff, Recruits
  • Send bulk or one-to-one texts right from Front Rush
  • Know with certainty that your team is aware of practices changes and meetings
  • Track sent and received text messages to and from recruits
  • View whole conversations strings via the native mobile Front Rush app
  • Save money by sending through Front Rush instead of using up your own data plan

View Your War-Board and Depth Charts Online

View Your War-Board and Depth Charts Online
  • Create groups based on any category (position, rank, favorites, call list, anything!)
  • Build specific groups within Recruits, Roster, Alumni and Contacts
  • Drag and drop athletes up and down your list
  • Add group members on the fly
  • Share groups with staff members or admissions reps
  • Assign groups to other coaches
  • Use automatic groups to track activities and important events
  • Turn frequent searches into custom groups

Scout and Evaluate at Recruiting Events with Coach Packet

Front Rush has partnered with organizations to provide you with Coach Packet.
Replace paper packets and recruit at events using our native iPad app. After the event,
watch full game and highlight video filmed by a professional crew.

Scout and Evaluate at Recruiting Events with Coach Packet

Stay Organized and On Track

Use Front Rush's calendar to manage day-to-day activities and practice logs. Delegate duties
to other staff members and assign follow-up tasks to yourself. Click on a calendar task to go
directly to an athlete's profile. Sync with your Outlook, Gmail, or iCal calendars!

Stay Organized and On Track Stay Organized and On Track

Connect with Your Roster

With Front Rush, Student-Athletes have their own dedicated account. Here they can view
duties and meetings you assign to them, maintain their profile, confirm practice logs,
and fill out all NCAA and institutional forms.

  • "Log in and update
    your profile. Thanks!"
  • "Please, confirm this
    week's practice log."
  • "Physical Forms need
    to be completed by Friday."
  • "3:00pm practice for
    pitchers and catchers"

Customize Your Questionnaires and Forms

  • Create unique forms for recruits, roster, alumni and contacts; every field is customizable
  • Eliminate data entry; data is automatically added to Front Rush
  • Get notified when recruits, roster and alumni update their information
  • Send recommendation forms to high school and club coaches to find new athletes
  • Collect information on boosters, parents, coaches and campers

Manage the Life Cycle of Student Athletes

Manage the Life Cycle of Student Athletes
  • lifeCycleRecruit
  • lifeCycleWhistle
  • lifeCycleHat
  • Customize your layout in each section - Recruits, Roster, Alumni, and Contacts
  • Track anything from academic accomplishments to movies
  • Search, filter and tag by any field
  • Update your athletes' records with one click saving
  • Assign a high school to your recruits with our high school database
  • Create a database of high school coaches, club coaches, campers, boosters, parents, etc., with our custom contact section

Share Documents and Run Reports

  • Store files in Front Rush giving you access to them from anywhere
  • Send out documents as attachments to your recruits, roster, alumni and contacts
  • Run reports on call logs, evaluations, and campus visits for compliance
  • Export information on recruits and share with admissions

Add Recruits from Your Favorite Sites with One Click

No need to export, import, or download. The data automatically transfers
into your Front Rush account! We are currently working with these sites...

Add Recruits from Your Favorite Sites with One Click

Add to Front Rush

Security & Data

Our Site has security measures in place to help protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the personal information and data under our control. We protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. We keep up with the industry standard by IP filtering, Pen testing, providing unique usernames and passwords, and using password encryption. In addition, our apps are tested and certified by PivotPoint Security.

Front Rush hosts the Site in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other industry-standard technology to help prevent interference or access from outside intruders. Our servers are hosted at a carrier grade facility with 24/7 video surveillance. Data is backed-up multiple times daily on-and off-site.All data is transmitted through SSL encryption.