Subject : HMT News: Graduation and Reunion Season


 HMT News and Views: Graduation, Reunion and End of Fiscal Year '17

It is that bittersweet time of year in Cambridge—right after the reunion tents have been taken down and graduating seniors have all cleared out of the dorm rooms. The streets of Harvard Square feel empty and for many of us working at Harvard, there is a palpable sense of loss. By August, this feeling will be replaced by the exciting promise of all the incoming students about to arrive in Harvard Yard, but for now, we miss all the seniors and alums who once again graced our courts. Please read on for photos and notes from graduation and reunion events.

Quick fundraising plug

The end of Fiscal Year '17 is almost upon us. If you haven't given yet to Friends of Harvard Tennis, now is the time to step up! Remember that your gifts are crucial to fund our recruiting efforts, pay for out of region travel, and supplement our equipment and stringing budget. Also, your donation helps justify keeping a big roster of players and providing them with the same opportunities we had on HMT.

Below are four ways to give. Not sure if you have already contributed in FY '17? Contact Kristan Strout - our Varsity Club liaison (her contact details are below). 

  1. Donate Online: CLICK HERE! Select "Tennis" from the drop down menu.
  2. Donate by check: Mail checks payable "Friends of Harvard Tennis" to Friends of Harvard Tennis, 65 North Harvard Street, Boston, MA 02163
  3. Donate by credit card: Call or email Kristan Strout in the Harvard Varsity Club at (617) 495-3757 or
  4. To make a gift of stock or mutual fund transfer, contact the Harvard Management Company at 866-845-6596 or email

n.b. All gifts to Harvard Athletics will receive Class, Reunion, and FAS Campaign Credit. The Department of Harvard Athletics, the Friends groups and the Harvard Varsity Club encourage all alumni/ae to make an additional annual gift to the Harvard College Fund to support the overall experience for our student-athletes, which includes the College’s commitment to financial aid. 

Graduation Events

Congrats to Brian Yeung '17 of HMT and June Lee '17 of HWT (pictured below at the the Senior Letterwinners' Dinner.) Each year this fabulous event has grown. This year's dinner boasted an attendance of 800 people dining in the hockey rink and featured slick video recaps and top-notch MC comedian, James P. Connolly '88. Thanks to the Varsity Club for pulling together a memorable, fun sendoff event for our letterwinners.  

We will also miss the Beltrame family. Sebastian is moving out west to work in consulting and is taking a month-long trip through Asia with his roommates before he starts life in the real world!

Sebastian pictured with his family whooping it up during graduation week (From left to right: Lorenzo, Arianna, Kim and Sebi)

Reunion Tennis Event

On graduation weekend we welcomed back HMT alums from the classes of 1992, 2002, 2007 and 2012 for a jam-packed weekend of tennis and other events. We hosted a hit-around on Saturday morning for all the reunion classes and got to see some classic strokes on display. These events are a great chance to re-connect with teammates and meet other members of the HMT family - so don't miss out when it is your reunion year. 

The 25th Reunion featured the class of 1992—probably the greatest (and largest) HMT recruiting class in the modern era including Derek Brown, John Burke, Albert Chang, Tim Hartch, Petter Lattman, Lazlo Serester, Mike Shyjan, John Tolmie, Joe Viduretta, and Mike Zimmerman. Imagine ten nationally ranked juniors arriving in Cambridge for the fall season and three All-Americans in one class (almost certainly the only class in Ivy League history with that distinction). Talk about intimidating! It was great having some these guys back on campus. Don't be strangers!

Three of the members of the amazing '92 gang: Lazlo Serester (sporting the Pony gear!), Fishy, Derek Brown and Tim Hartch. Peter Lattman arrived just after this photo was taken. 

There was also a great turnout with the 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th reunions. The 5th reunion had the royal flush of Alistair Felton, Jon Pearlman, Robertson McAnulty and Davis Mangham. The 10th reunion saw Gideon Valkin make the trip from England, Scott Denenberg and Shantanu Dhaka. The 15th had William Lee up from NYC and the 20th reunion boasted Stuart Murray and Mike Patterson. Thanks everyone who came out! 

Here is some of the gang from the reunion hit-around flanked by Fish and Rueb.  

Best from Boston,
Andrew and Dave 


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