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Manage recruits, roster, alumni and contacts

Recruits, Roster, Alumni, and Contacts

  • Manage your prospects from recruits to roster to alumni
  • Customize your layout and track anything from academic accomplishments to favorite movies
  • Search, filter and tag by any field
  • Update your athletes records with one click saving
  • Assign a school to your recruits with our high school database
  • Create a database of high school coaches, club coaches, campers, boosters, parents, etc., with our custom contact section

3rd Party Integration

  • Add recruits from your favorite recruiting sites with a single click of a button
  • No need to export, import, download or anything...data moves automatically in the background
  • Track which recruits came from which recruiting sites
Integrate with University Athlete, NCSA, Active.com and GoBig
Iphone, Blackberry and Android Apps

Mobile Applications

  • Native iPhone, Android and Blackberry (OS6) apps
  • Quick access to all of your recruits
  • Auto-store your calls after they are completed (iPhone, Android, Blackberry)
  • Be alerted proactively of the last call that was made to a recruit by any of your staff
  • Bulk and one-to-one email
  • Pull up a map of your recruits home and high school address (map integration)
  • No extra per phone call fees

Group Board

  • Your war-board located on the web
  • Create groups based on any category (position, rank, favorites, anything!)
  • Build groups for recruits, roster, alumni and contacts
  • Drag and drop athletes up and down on your list
  • Share groups with other staff members or admissions
  • Assign groups to other Coaches
Warboard or War Board for your Groups
Track all communications for compliance reporting

Communication Tracking

  • Track all phone calls, emails, official visits, and postal mail
  • Quickly add a note about any communication you had with your recruits
  • Seamlessly share all communications so that everyone on your staff can be on the same page
  • Automatically log phone calls with the iPhone & Android apps
  • Report on all notes added for compliance

Online Questionnaires

  • Custom built to the look and feel of your website
  • Every field is customizable
  • Data is automatically added to Front Rush (eliminates data entry)
  • Recruits roster, and alumni can update their own data
  • Send a recommendation form to your high school & club coaches so they can recommend recruits
  • Add to your facebook page or twitter stream and get alumni back in the mix
Online Questionnaires for Recruits and alumni
Branded Email Templates

Branded Email Templates

  • Work with our in-house design team to build custom email templates and banners that pop
  • Use action shots of your team, images of your school, and logos to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Include links to your website and know when recruits are clicking on them
  • Use Front Rush to quickly and easily build professional email templates on your own
  • You can still use a 3rd party to build templates, but send them out with Front Rush

Bulk or one-to-one Email

  • ReturnPath, an independent monitoring service gives Front Rush a 100 Sender Score with a consistent 98.5% or greater delivery rate (highest in recruiting software)
  • Send out 1 or 1000 emails personalized with your recruits information
  • Track who is opening your emails, when they are opening and what links they are clicking on
  • Automatically add emails sent from your recruits to your Front Rush account with email integration
Send mass emails to your Recruits, Roster, Alumni, or Contacts
Send SMS Text-Messages to your Roster

Bulk Text-Message your Roster

  • Communicate with your players and your staff instantly through bulk text-messaging
  • Know with certainty, that your team is aware of practice changes and meetings
  • Save $$ by sending through Front Rush so you don't use up your own data plan


  • Log all of your communications and visits with each recruit
  • Automatically store outgoing calls through our dedicated mobile apps
  • Run compliance reports and send them to your compliance officer
  • Give your compliance officer compliance access
Compliance Reporting
Calendar, Duties, Task Managment

Calendar / Task Management

Store and Share Documents

Store and Share Documents Online

Security and Data



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